When people think about their own business skills, some don’t understand there are three contexts.

First, people usually know their own business, meaning their functional duties. The duties they do day-to-day within the larger organization.  This amounts to a great deal of education and experience and should never be discounted when assessing one’s own business skill set.

BBO Business dutiesSecond, people often know something about their company’s business. While perhaps not as well as their own functional duties, they do know the company business to a large degree.

Business collegues working together. Leadership in business

Third, many people are less knowledgeable about general business which covers, not only finance, economics and accounting, but also the softer skills relating to organization, leadership, communications, marketing, and ethics.

Large company high-rise buildingBizBasics Online training is designed to help people on this third level, the general principles of business. A frequent review of the basic business skills can do wonders to refresh one’s understanding to help navigate the shoals of daily business.