“Envision the future first, …the end change can be dramatic”

Strategic Planning is often a misunderstood tool. Both from a complexity and methodology standpoint. It is, in fact, when used properly, the ultimate management tool for leading a company to successful results.

When developing a forward-looking, balanced, and energizing strategic plan, top managers must select one of two mutually exclusive paths. One leads to small incremental improvements in results. The other to quantum leaps in change. If managers consider their current state of the company and set goals to improve on current results, improvement will be incremental. If managers temporarily forget the present, envision the future first, based on the market needs, and set goals to meet those needs, the end change can be dramatic and orders of magnitude greater than the alternative path.

We talk about this in more detail starting at the 6:00 mark in the following Facebook Live session.  Check it out below or click this link to watch on Facebook.


Are You RIGHT & READY for Leadership?

We are LIVE discussing the difference of being RIGHT vs. READY for leadership.

Posted by BizBasics Online on Tuesday, August 15, 2017