It’s National Author’s Day.  Did you know there was a day devoted to honoring all the authors out there?  Neither did I…until recently.

So, in honor of National Author’s Day, I thought we should spotlight our “resident author” and one of the books (yes, he has written two) he has released.

Bob “The Biz Bucks Guy” Llewellyn published his first book Leadership for the Recovering Quantoid: Boss-hood for Engineers, Accountants, Analysts, and others with Severe Quantoidal Tendencies in June 2013.

Like the title says, this book is for the quantoids out there roaming the earth.  And if you don’t know what a quantoid is, you probably aren’t one, but I bet you know a quantoid or two.  They are those people who like numbers.  They are the people who probably got excited to go to calculus class in high school.  They are the people who crunch the numbers and analyze the numbers.  They deal with the quantitative (i.e. numbers) issues in a business or profession.  (See, I told you knew a quantoid or two.)

BizBasics Online

Leadership for the Recovering Quantoid draws from the Biz Bucks Guys personal experience when he was placed in a leadership position as a engineer.  As an engineer, he had no training about leading a team and he didn’t have a background in business skills.  He had to learn the leadership skill with trial and error.

While focused on quantoids, anyone will glean important, practitioner-level tips on reaching, being, and lasting as a boss in an organization.

Leadership for the Recovering Quantoid discusses The Eight Qualities of Leadership Rightness, which are the basis for a self test, to help a “boss wannabe” know if they are right for leadership.  It then covers The Twelve Skills of Leadership Readiness with a fresh look at leadership and management.  And that is just in Chapter 2!

Chapter 3 is a tremendously valuable dissertation on a framework for understanding your own career motives and those of your direct reports. This chapter alone is worth the price of the book.

Chapter 6 discusses the SAFE subjects.  Statistics.  Accounting.  Finance.  Economics.  These subjects are the basis for BizBasics Online.  They are the fundamental business qantitative subjects and BizBasics Online teaches the fundamental skills and concepts in each of these subjects.

It is a commonly accepted theory that all work you do is either one of two things: a process or a project.  Chapters 8 & 9 teach you how to manage both types of work.

Part III of Leadership for the Recovering Quantoid discusses traits of good business and what they do to become a good business. Many of these things have been discussed in other blog posts; here, and here, and here, and here just to name a few recent ones.

Bob "the Biz Bucks Guy" Llewellyn

Bob “the Biz Bucks Guy” Llewellyn, Author, Business Consultant, Engineer, Online Entrepreneur.

The Biz Bucks Guy is grateful this book is able to make a small difference — for those with quantitative backgrounds particularly — who are thinking about focusing on leadership within their companies.

You can check out more of Leadership for the Recovering Quantoid, including the Table of Contents, here.