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Bob Llewellyn

Robert Llewellyn PE MBA is a seasoned management consultant, leadership author, business-acumen teacher and now novelist. 

 After forty-five years in the electric-energy industry, Mr. Llewellyn has sallied his creativity and experience to produce a novel of national import, The Red Saguaro. The objective is to marshal the citizens of the US to demand their elected leaders fix a critical security problem. The fix is relatively straight-forward and does not significantly impact us financially. 

He has also authored (non-fiction) Leadership for the Recovering Quantoid: Boss-hood for Engineers, Accountants, Analyst, and Others with Severe Quantoidal Tendencies. This is the first leadership book written to those with quantitative, analytic, or operational backgrounds. 

Mr. Llewellyn is the principal consultant of Llewellyn Consulting, which focuses on teaching business acumen and decision making to engineers and other professionals. He has taught over 5000 people his Biz Bucks training courses.

Mr. Llewellyn is also the chief content officer for BizBasicsOnline.com which is the digital version of his popular live training.

Mr. Llewellyn is happily married to Marilyn and they have six children and seventeen grandchildren.  Their extensive travels include the U.K., China, Mexico, Paraguay, Brazil, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, and much of Europe. He enjoys a single digit handicap in golf . He has devoted his volunteer time to Scouts and church service. 

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The Red Saguaro Book Cover


On a scorching June day in Buckeye, Arizona, thirteen-year-old Juan Miguel Quilantan discovers a body impaled on a saguaro. The authorities quickly link the crime to radical Islamists who are planning an attack on the four million citizens of the Phoenix area, using some undetermined weapon of mass destruction. Join Juan, Laura, and Ron as they try to prevent Phoenix from plunging into chaos and anarchy while exposing the risks to the United State’s electrical grid.

Business Acumen Development

Leadership for the Recovering Quantoid is the only book on leadership written to those with technical, quantitative or operating careers. It is right brain skills for left brain people. Learn the eight qualities of leadership rightness and twelve skills of leadership readiness and gain the know-how to be a great leader.

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