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Apply the BBO Decision Making Methodology© in your career to make better business decisions.


Don’t waste months and years in formal education learning business concepts you don’t put to use in real life! Learn how to make better business decisions in eight short courses, about four to six hours each.


Don’t waste your hard earned money on college programs. Save $1000s with the BizBasics Online courses.  Plus, you only pay for each course when you are ready.  Or save even more money and buy the all-in-one bundle!


Apply your new business skills using the BBO Decsion Making Methodology©.  Learn how to make better business decisions and become eyeball-to-eyeball with others at work – you know the kind, the ones who always mention they have an MBA within seconds of meeting someone.

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Accounting 1

Comprehend the common business financial reports that are basic for understanding the health of your business or company.   You will have the opportunity to work problems on income statements, balance sheets, and statements of cash flow.  Find out how depreciation affects decision making.

Accounting 2

Accounting can be intimidating – especially when you don’t have an accounting background!  Don’t worry.  BBO will walk you through the important ratios you need to know, four key pairs of words, the cost of capital, and how leverage impacts your bottom line.

Finance 1

It is time to stop being afraid of your business’ finances! Do you want to know what value creation is and how it works?  In Finance 1 you will demystify this concept.  You will also be introduced to the four cornerstones you should always consider when making a decision. This course wraps up with a lesson on cash flowing and how to do it.

Finance 2

Do you know what your company will be worth in 10 years? How about in 15 or 50 years?  Finance 2 reveals an important concept many people do not understand; the value of money today is not the same as the value of money yesterday or tomorrow.  This is called time value of money.  This course is filled with practical tools and tips to help you in your leadership position, including stock price valuation.

Statistics 1

Scared of Statistics?  Have no fear.  Cut through the crap and break down the important concepts of statistics in a fun, interactive manner. Discover how correct statistics are vital to your business.  Learn the business improvement tools used in the market and how these tools can make (or break) your company/business.  


What should happen to the price of your product when the demand goes up?  What about when the demand slows down?  In the BBO Economics course learn the basics of supply and demand. Work problems to get a grip on how the market can impact the price of products, and learn how small changes can impact an industry.  Then dive deeper into more Supply and Demand principles to apply these to your career or company.

Statistics 2

Do you know how to make a good decision?  Statistics 2 is a fan-favorite course where you learn how to make competent choices using a decision tree. You will be able to test your decision-making skills in this course.  Start off with learning basic decision trees and then advance to more complicated examples.  And a decision isn’t complete unless you factor in the “intangibles”, which is covered in the last lesson of this course.   

Capstone Case

The Capstone Case is where all the pieces of BBO come together for one big decision-making party!  Test the skills you learned in all the other BBO courses.  Work your way through a case study.  Find a solution to the company’s problem.  In this course you have the opportunity to learn and apply The BBO Decision Making Methodology©.

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