Have you ever wondered if you are “right” for “boss-hood”?  Have you ever wondered what qualities you need to help you be a successful boss?  We have come up with a list of 8 qualities someone needs to evaluate if they are “right” for leadership roles.

We are continuing our “Am I Right for Boss-Hood” series discussing these qualities.  And if you are aspiring to become a leader (or if you already are) you can take the time to evaluate how you measure up with each of these qualities.  



8 Qualities of Leadership Rightness

  1. Love People
  2.  Be Able to Deal with Ambiguity
  3.  Enjoy Coaching
  4.  Apply Judgement and Take Risk
  5.  Be Able to Work Long Hours
  6.  Desire to Make a Bigger Difference
  7.  Be Willing to Leave Prior Expertise
  8.  Have Charisma

We thought we would start off by discussing the most ambiguous quality on the list:  Be Able to Deal with Ambiguity. (Yeah, I had to do it.)  So, here it goes…

A true leader knows that the world doesn’t piece together perfectly.  She knows the box may be missing some puzzle pieces.  And that some of the pieces don’t fit together at all.  Or that a piece may not belong to that particular puzzle.  

money puzzle

A good boss recognizes that there are many shades of gray on almost every issue rather than just black or white and right or wrong.

A leader understands that anxiety comes from uncertainty but that uncertainty is ubiquitous.  Hence, they have the ability to withstand the “Maalox Moments” that may come up. 

Ambiguity affects us on a variety of planes.  One is known as office politics and is, unfortunately, a way of life in an organization.  A leader recognizes that not everyone in power in the organization has a firm emotional foundation and some may act irrationally, vindictively, or in fierce competition leading to office politics (among other issues).  The workplace is full of people who, in the vernacular, are not emotionally all the way put together. This causes a great deal of irrational behavior. Unhealthy competition develops between peers. Communication is withheld. Vicious rumors are promulgated. Good work is not acknowledged. Some are depressed. Others lash out. Some have overwhelming organizational anxiety. Others shake the corporate ladder to knock others off. Some transfer the blame to others. Others feel victimized. Some are unsure of their capabilities. Some build alliances one day and tear them down the next.

All this plays into the wonderful realm of office politics. A person who hasn’t experienced boss-hood may have only been superficially introduced to this reality, but it can be a plague in the office has the potential to ruin a company. 

A company, in its most base view, is a community of people who only share a common need for financial remuneration (i.e a paycheck so they can sustain life). 

We are all familiar with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

The need for employment is only at Maslow’s second level, Saftey.  The company needs to help its people reach love (particularly a sense of belonging to a successful enterprise) and esteem (respect, achievement, and confidence).   

When an organization is full of people who largely are NOT self-actualized, it breeds all sorts of mischief, dysfunction, turmoil, and discontent.  

Summed up, this yields the darker side of office politics!  

The Biz Bucks Guy once knew of a CEO that had to tell two top VPs, whose competition between each other was so dysfunctional, to “Knock it off, or I will make sure neither of you will be considered for my job.”  He looked sorta’ like this guy 👇.

Leaders need to navigate around and through these choppy political seas.  To do so is great training for larger responsibilities in the future.  

So, are you ready to be a boss and deal with the ambiguity and all that that encompasses? 


What can you do this year so you can be ready for boss-hood? 

The good news: no matter where you think you are in each of these qualities, each can be developed/learned with a little practice and patience. 

We have created a guide to help you with a little self-evaluation.  Dig deep and honestly answer the questions in the guide. Once you do so you will be able to know if you are ready for boss-hood.  Click HERE for the guide. 

And, if you find yourself lacking some of these qualities, don’t worry!  You can develop or learn them so you can be a great boss to those around you! 

So, go forth, and develop your ability to deal with ambiguity!

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