Anyone in business for more than a few weeks usually concludes that communication is at the root of most employee, project, or even decision-making problems.

One tip: when doing a project plan, don’t forget project communications.

We often develop elegant Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) for a new project that include all technical and creative parts of the work. Few project managers recall how important having a communications plan is when creating the WBS and, therefore, communications is forgotten until trouble from lack of communications becomes apparent.

Project managers should have “Implement Communication Plan” as a Level I entry in the WBS, not lower. Once the other WBS levels have been defined for the technical portion of the project, the project manager should review each technical task and deliverable and ask him or herself if this represents a key point in which to communicate progress or responsibilities. Several communication points will be developed. Each communication point should document the target audience. Each point is then added to the WBS at Level II.

This becomes the project communications plan to implement.

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