Do you want to become a leader in your company?  Do you have what it takes?

We continue with our “Am I Right for Bosshood” Series so you can do a little self-evaluation and ask yourself if you are right for boss-hood.

We have come up with some Questions to Ask Yourself if You Are RIGHT for Leadership. You can download it by clicking on the button below.

In the meantime, we have 8 Qualities for Leadership Rightness.  They are:

1. Love People

2. Be Able to Deal with Ambiguity

3. Enjoy Coaching

4. Apply Judgement and Take Risk

5. Be Able to Work Long Hours

6. Desire to Make a Bigger Difference

7. Be Willing to Leave Prior Expertise

9. Have Charisma

These are the 8 qualities you need to have to be a good leader and a great boss.

Today we are going to tackle Enjoy Coaching.

A true leader understands the need to coach their people and enjoys the process.  Each person will need training and a good leader understands that coaching and training a person is part of the job.  Many times success, or failures, can be directly attributed to the coaching, or lack of coaching, an employee was given.

Enjoy Coaching

A true leader will suggest ideas when coaching an employee.  They will suggest actions for the employee to take, or suggest paths to try, or suggest alternative solutions for the employee’s dilemma.

Notice I said, “suggest”.  I didn’t say “tell”, or “make”.

A true leader will steer an employee to ideas and alternatives.  They will then step back and let the employee make the decision – with supervision from the leader, of course. Giving the employee the power to make the decision is great training for the employee.  They feel like they are in control of their life when they are given the responsibility to make a decision.  Plus, if the leader tells the employee what to do at every turn, then they will be micromanaging – and we all know it is extremely difficult to work for a micro-manager!

A true leader will be able to confront a team member when performance is unacceptable.  Have you ever worked for someone without a backbone?  Someone who didn’t have the guts to face a confrontation?  Someone who is as mushy as toast in milk?

Cookies and milk

Ok, so that is not a picture of milk toast, but we all know how squishy those cookies get when they have been sitting in milk, so we get the idea.

It’s not easy working for someone who turns to mush when they should be confronting an uncomfortable situation.   A leader will have the fortitude to confront a team member when performance is unacceptable.

But they don’t leave it at that.

The leader then coaches the team member to correct the unacceptable performance so it can become an acceptable performance.  They do what it takes to help the team member become successful.  (That is assuming the team member wants to become successful.)  They are transparent, open, and honest about the problem so the team member is clear where they are lacking.  A leader will then discuss ways for the team member to make progress and turn the unacceptable performance around.  And a true leader will do regular follow-ups with the team member to make sure they are on track to good performance.

A true leader is able to resolve conflict in a fair manner.  I’m not sure what else I should say about that.  It’s pretty self-explanatory.

To sum it up, a true leader enjoys coaching the team to become the best players they can become.  The coach will do the hard things it takes to make the team the best they can be.

Do you enjoy coaching? Do you have what it takes to be a leader?

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Questions to Ask Yourself if You Are RIGHT for Leadership.


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