Groupthink is a psychological phenomenon originally studied by Professor Irving Janus (1972) in which a group agrees on a decision that is irrational. The group values consensus more than rational thought and critical reasoning.  Nietzsche, the 19th century philosopher, once observed that “madness is the exception in individuals but the rule in groups.”  Groupthink is indeed tantamount to madness.

Examples of groupthink occur within small groups and within larger organizations. Groupthink has been known to drive nations and international movements. The Biz Bucks Guy has seen small teams focus on the “right” answer because an influential leader knew the “right” answer immediately. The teams then focused on how to implement this “right” answer without confirm its validity.

The eugenics movement (aka selective breeding of the human race) was championed by every US president from Teddy Roosevelt to Franklin Roosevelt. Only when the unfathomable reality of the holocaust was discovered did this world-class groupthink collapse.  Prior to the end of WW II, no one could have envisioned the mass murdering of millions of Jews as a direct consequence of the eugenics argument.

Other examples of group thing include the Challenger disaster, the Bay of Pigs invasion, and the global cooling movement of the early 70’s.

The Biz Bucks Guy has long thought that the alarmism associated with global warming is an example of group think. One of the necessary traits of groupthink is when the group has an ideological bent. They think their reasoning is morally right. The “We’re saving the planet” crowd meets this standard. Many global warming proponents are also dyed-in-the-wool socialists who see global warming alarmism as a means to a “big government” end. The Biz Bucks Guy was happily unsurprised when in researching the link between group think and global warming he found many writers agreeing with this connection.

The Biz Bucks Guy tries to avoid groupthink in his analysis of climate issues. This is difficult when the other side is so firmly entrenched in their irrational ideology. Eventually, rational science will win the day. Hopefully, before the ill effects of global warming ideology and the resulting public policy are not irreversible.