The now tarnished image of Bill Cosby still provides smiles for those who remember his famous routine of God talking to Noah. One wonders if NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration controlled by Mr. Obama, will someday hear a celestial voice. Cosby’s Noah proclaimed “I’ve been good”, as the routine recounts. In light ofPatrick J. Michaels’ article,“The Climate Snow Job” published in the Wall Street Journal, maybe NOAA’s visiting voice will declare this modern NOAA hasn’t been so good of late.

Most ardent climate-change religionists have been flat out stymied by the hiatus in global warming for the past 18 years. So according to Mr. Michaels, a climatologist, NOAA has devised a simple fix: phony up the historical measurements. They have dropped those pesky readings from satellites and balloons that are considered accurate by many and replaced them with other measurements like ocean-going vessel measurement from their intake tubes. These newer measurements are a source of much derision in academic circles. But, nonetheless, voila! According to this new data set, the 18-year hiatus never really happened.  What a surprise!

Even at that, the new measurements still show the increasing global temperatures are much below the predictions.

Mr. Michaels also relates the effect of El Nino on 2015 measurements. The global temperatures indeed rose last year. But if La Nina, the result of El Nino, happens as it did in 1998, global temperatures will drop back soon. If it happens, will NOAA ever announce that fact? The Biz Bucks Guy hopes so. By then, with some electoral luck, NOAA may once again be run by scientists, not socialist agenda-promoting politicians.