Have you ever wondered if you are “right” for “boss-hood”?

Today we continue with our “Am I Right for Bosshood?” series.  We are discussing each of the “8 Qualities of Leadership Rightness” The Biz Bucks Guy identifies in his book In the book Leadership for the Recovering Quantoid.

A person considering moving into a leadership role should do a little self-evaluation with these 8 qualities to know if “boss-hood” is RIGHT for them.  A person expanding their business and hiring their first employees should make sure they are confident they have these 8 qualities to help them be an awesome boss before they hire that first employee.


The 8 Qualities are:

  1.  Love People
  2.  Be Able to Deal with Ambiguity
  3.  Enjoy Coaching
  4.  Apply Judgement and Take Risk
  5.  Be Able to Work Long Hours
  6.  Desire to Make a Bigger Difference
  7.  Be Willing to Leave Prior Expertise
  8.  Have Charisma

Last week we discussed #2, Be Able to Deal with Ambiguity.  Today, we are going to discuss quality numero uno, Love People.


Love People

A true leader has a type of affection for the people that work with him and for him.  He earnestly wants to see them succeed.  Read leaders enjoy the complexities that come from managing the people’s work, mutually setting goals, communicating, assessing their performance and providing rewards for their home runs.

Within bounds of propriety, a real leader attempts to invoke change in people so they grow and are better prepared for the many bumps in the road, professionally and personally.

A true leader knows a positive environment is infectious and wants such an environment for the group.  I am sure there are a few of you out there in who could tell us some great, although tragic, stories about bad bosses and can testify how a negative environment is demoralizing for the people in the group.  A true leader is responsible for the work environment of his/her group.  It comes from the top down.   Let us know in the comments if you have worked in a negative work environment.  And if you want, leave a short comment about your experience.   A True leader would recognize the atmosphere they are providing their team and would make changes to improve the environment.

A true leader respects the diversity of thought, values, motives, customs, and ethnicity.

A true leader has a spiritual strength whether from a religious foundation or personal deduction.

A true leader understands that everyone has a unique set of motives.  What motivates Henry may not be what motivates Joe.  Henry may want public accolades for the good job he is doing,

while Joe would like a sweet little monetary reward for the good job he did.

Henry enjoys the knowledge that others in the company are aware of and grateful for the job he did.  While Joe doesn’t care if the entire company knows about his success, he enjoys a little extra pay for a job well done.  A good boss will recognize what reward motivates each member of their team and will make a considerable effort to reward each member appropriately.

A true leader lives by leadership’s  “platinum rule”.  We have all heard of the golden rule, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.  However, in leadership, a higher law is better.  The platinum rule was coined by Dr. Tony Allessandra.  It says, “do unto others as they would have you do unto them“.  Do you see the difference?

Simply put, leaders need to know the motives that drive their people.  Until a leader understands that we are not all wired the same and each of us has a different set of drivers, a leader is unable to effectively lead his team.

You might think this Quality of Leadership Rightness is too touchey-feely or lovey-dovey, but giving and receiving respect is a basic human need and is crucial to strong leadership.

Let me say that again, in case you didn’t hear it…

Giving and receiving respect is a basic human need and is crucial to strong leadership.

When you have the ability to love the people on your team, you can be an effective leader and a good GREAT boss!

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And the good news, these 8 Qualities of Leadership Rightness can be learned!  So if you are lacking in one or another, take some time to work on that quality so you can be a great leader and a good boss.


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